Electric Pumps
CZ series
Gear pumps

The CZ Pump Series has been designed for pumping of cooling liquid for machine tools and especially for pressure lubrication of bearings.  The viscosity of the pumped liquid can be max 115mm2s-1  and its temperature form 0°C to 60°C. The maximum size of impurities can be 0.1mm. The pumps are flanged suitable for fitting directly onto the tank with the pumped liquid. The position of the suction opening in the tank must such that no impure oil gets circulated.  The bypass tube must be positioned in the tank so it does not cause excessive ripple.

4CZA PUMPS = Vertical execution
4CZB PUMPS = Horizontal execution

HEAD 30-120m
FLOW 0,9-2,4l/min

CZ Pumps - Technical Data

Type Head Pressure Flow Power Current Assured current
m kPa l/min kW A (by 400V) A (by 400V)
4CZA05; 4CZB05 30 300 0,9 0,09 0,26 0,31 Doc
4CZA2; 4CZB2 50 500 2,4 0,12 0,29 0,35 Doc
4CZA3; 4CZB3 120 1200 1,2 0,2 0,68 0,82 Doc

Characteristic of CZ pumps

Dimensions of CZ pumps

Vertical design - CZA pumps

Horizontal design - CZB pumps


Part Material
Pump body Cast iron
Chamber bottom Cast iron
Impeller 1 Steel 1.0715
Impeller 2 Cast iron
Shaft steel 1.1203

Spare parts

1. Pump body                       9. Top bearing
2. Shaft with rotor              10. Wavy washer
3. Stator complet               11. Terminal box seal
4. Driven cog-wheel          12. Terminal box
5. Driving cog-wheel         13. Terminal box lid seal
6. Inlet cover                       14. Terminal box lid
7. Rotary shaft seal           15. Terminal block
8. Bottom bearing              16. Pipe