About us

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EMP Company Ltd. was established in 1991. Since July 1, 1994 took over the privatization of the factory MEZ Brno in Slavkov u Brna, EMP was started production of electric motors and pumps. It followed the long production of electric motors and pumps MEZ Brno in Slavkov u Brna, ranked among the traditional producer of electrical machines in the Czech Republic. At present the company uses to design, manufacture and testing of electrical machines modern technology including computer support design and organizational work, modern CNC machines, automatic test facilities. Objective of our company is to satisfy the needs and wishes of customers in quality, quantity, deadlines and prices.

Production program of EMP Ltd.

Pumps - series

  • 4COA aluminum version
  • 4COA-AV bronze version
  • 2COP plastic version
  • 2COP1-HV EX pumps with pneumatic drive
  • 1CPP small plastic pumps
  • COV high pressure pumps
  • COS multistage pumps
  • 4CZ gear pumps

Electric motors - series

  • TM three-phase motors
  • JMC single-phase motors
  • TMB three phase brake motors
  • ETA external rotor motors
  • TMV built-in three phase motors
  • JMV built-in single-phase motors